Escape Thinking

It's a hectic world out there. Imagine for a little bit, no worries, no cares and no concerns. Just stillness and peace. Yoga can help us find equilibrium and presence. Simply relax and rejuvinate.


Escape Doing

Yoga can teach us to be less reactive to life and enjoy it more. Less focused on the "should have," "would have" and "could have," to a place of living life intentionally.


Find Well-Being

Yoga takes the stress out of life and leaves us emotionally and physically balanced. We are better able to cope with challenges in daily life and move through our day happier and healthier.


We are delighted to meet you!! Escapes Yoga teaches you to use your body's natural defenses against mental and physical stress to help find Presence through the five points of Hatha Yoga. These are initiation of proper breath awareness (Pranayama), steady and comfortable proper postures to calm the mind (Asana), proper concentration and focus (Dharana), and finally proper relaxation and meditation (Dhyana). The fifth point, proper diet, we talk more about on our Facebook page.

This is an accessible, affordable and authentic Yoga experience in a gentle, nurturing and non-competitive environment. Appropriate for nearly all ages and all levels of practice, we work together to overcome some of the most common physical and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and more. Most of all, we hope Escapes Yoga liberates your body, mind and spirit from some of the challenges of our daily lives and brings about a sense of equanimity by keeping you positive, upbeat and present.


Escape thinking. Escape doing. And find well-being through a yoga practice with us in Mesquite and Terrell, Texas.

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Escapes Yoga offers you opportunities to relax and destress at a very low cost. We want yoga to be available to anybody who sees it might be a way to make them feel mentally and physically better. To learn more about our community-style yoga, class times and costs, click here.

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Learn more about our approach to Yoga, our Yoga family and the benefits of turning to Escapes Yoga for your wellness needs. Click here.

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